Bling: The Purpose, Pursuit & Power Of Women With Blind Faith
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Bling: The Purpose, Pursuit & Power Of Women With Blind Faith

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Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend but also the most sought-after gem on Earth. A diamond’s value is determined by its color, clarity, and carat weight, but its cut determines a diamond’s BLING. The cut of a diamond makes it shine at its best when grazed by the light. In BLING - The Anthology, 12 women share how they never forgot their BLING through the cutting process of their journey. Learn how each woman rediscovered her BLING through life’s challenges as a leader in ministry, business, or career and experienced the cutting process of being financially broke, heartbroken, or another form of brokenness yet recovered her BLING from the broken place.

From childhood recollections to womanhood experiences, each story captures the essence of resilience, restoration, recovery, reconciliation, and redemption that helped each author rediscover her BLING. This special anthology takes you on a journey of 12 women who decided to walk by faith, believing the unbelievable and expecting the impossible!

The transformational stories in BLING reassure readers of how God establishes recompense for those who have been cut with precision on purpose. This BLING cost them something. What will your BLING cost you?



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